Please read carefully.


The field will be limited to 96 teams (192 players). The 96 teams accepted by invitation will be the field and will be divided into eight flights of 12 teams each. 


Entries will be accepted online only. Your acceptance card must be completely filled out.

(One per team)




1.) Teams who played together in 2023

2.) Members who played in 2023 but have changed partners

3.) Any member of Oakbourne Country Club

4.) Non-member players who played in 2023 but have changed partners

5.) All others


NOTE: Committee has authority to make adjustments



The tournament will be Four-Ball stroke play and all participants must be amateurs and at least twenty- one years old. No varsity high school or college players are eligible.


Please report to starter early, so that registration will not delay your tee-off.


Teams will be flighted based on the lower handicap of the team members. The committee suggests that partners’ handicaps be within 5 strokes of each other.


The Tournament Committee reserves the right to flight any team. Past performance will be considered.



For the Pari-Mutuel, each team starts the last 36 holes even. Pay-off will be based only on scores for the last 36 holes. Pari-mutuel pay-offs are available whenever a flight has completed play (Flights 2nd–5th).


Payouts will be awarded one week after the tournament and may be received Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM–4:00 PM, in the Accounting Office with proper ticket only. After 4:00 PM Friday, all money is forfeited.


(Subject to change based on strength of the field)



Any group that falls one hole behind the group in front of them will have 2 holes to catch up or they will be penalized 2 strokes.



All players must have collared shirt tucked in and shorts must be mid-thigh or longer. Swimming trunks, cutoffs, workout shorts or tank tops are not allowed.