Forty-Third Annual Two Man Golf Tournament

October 27-29, 2023

Please Read Carefully


The field will be limited to 96 teams (192 players). The teams accepted by invitation will be the field and will be divided into eight flights of 12 teams each. Shotgun start at 8:00 am and Shotgun start at 1:00 pm on both event days Saturday and Sunday. The entry fee is $650.00.



Entries will be accepted by e-mail on Golf Genius only. (Need to use a PC or if using a mobile phone need to put the link in the browser for easier registration. Cannot register on the Golf Genius App.)

Charging for the Festival Scramble must go on a member's account or credit card (If using a credit card there will have a handling/credit card fee) Note: the whole entry fee must go on a member's account or all on a credit card, it cannot be split. When signing up for the event the fee entry fee will reflect the $669.72. Golf Genius tournament package will show the credit card pricing only. The fee for member charge will be charged at the $650.00 price as advertised.

The credit cards will run once the priority list has been reviewed and finalized after the deadline date of September 22nd at noon. (Approximately timeline for charging) 

If you have a partner change and the credit card has been run there will be no refund for the credit card fees. The team will have to handle refund payments between players themselves.

Will need both partners' names, emails, and cell numbers.

Handicap for both players will be needed and the facility where it is established.

Both players' address, city, state, and zip code.

How many people will be attending the Friday night function (Players may bring a spouse or significant other)


The entry fee will be refunded if any team finds it necessary to withdraw before Friday, September 22nd provided their position can be filled. No refunds after Friday, September 22nd unless the Tournament is canceled by weather conditions.  



1.) Teams who played together in 2022
2.) Members who played in 2022 but have changed partners
3.) Any member of Oakbourne Country Club
4.) Non-member players who played in 2022 but have changed partners
5.) All others

NOTE: Committee has authority to make adjustments

The tournament will be two-man scramble and all participants must be amateurs and at least 21 years old. No varsity high school or college players are eligible.

Rush your entry in as soon possible. The first 96 entries will be accepted based on priority list.

Pairing will be assigned and posted no later than Friday, October 27th. Please report to the course early so that registration will not delay your tee-off. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to flight any team. Teams will be flighted by lower handicap of the two and previous years’ finish.

No entries accepted after Friday, September 22nd unless the field is not full. Subject to change by tournament committee and the field size.


All players must have collared shirt tucked in and shorts must be mid-thigh or longer. Swimming trunks, cutoffs, workout shorts or tank tops are not allowed.


Four top teams in each flight. A special prize to keep all teams in the running will be $250.00 to the team in each flight that has the best score for Sunday’s final round. The regular flight winners will not be eligible for this special prize.


$1050, $800, $600, $400, LRNW $250


Players Pool will increase to $200.00 for the two days, and will be payed out in full each day for first and second places in each flight. 


There will be lunch served Saturday and Sunday of the event at the Turn house and in the Hebert room. Please ask the wait staff to get you your food to protect the players from social distancing. 


We also want to remind players that if the Thor Guard Lightning system sounds, all players need to remove themselves from the golf course and surrounding areas and get into the building. The Turn house, 6 and 12 restrooms etc. are not safe for a dangerous situation. For the safety of the players, the building will be set based on its capacity and for social distancing.


Rules will be stated on the rules sheet, with exception that the players may in a bunker smooth out the sand with their foot within one score card length an area no closer to the hole, and both players may place the ball in the bunker and play the next shot. Also, players may take the flag out if they chose during the rounds.


Players will be riding together in carts and may walk if they choose. If a team decides to have a walker and become out of position, the players will be asked to ride to keep the pace from that point going forward in the round.


Head Golf Professional
Cliff Wagner
[email protected]
Golf Pro Shop Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday–Friday: 8:00 AM–6:30 PM
Saturday–Sunday: 7:00 AM–6:00 PM
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